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We Support Rajathan's Government's Project eMitra: A Leap Towards Digital India

Official Website of eMitra project is http://emitra.rajasthan.gov.in E-Mitra is an ambitious E-governance Project of state of Rajasthan (GoR) which is being implemented altogether 33 Districts of the state using Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model for convenience and transparency to citizens in availing various services of the Government and Private Sectors under a single roof at their doorsteps using an e- platform. These private partners or called LSP(local service provider) are authorized for new e mitra registration. The services are delivered via counters referred to as e-Mitra kiosks in urban & rural areas and also online via http://sso.rajasthan.gov.in.
Hence, these counters provide services associated with various departments in an integrated and simply accessible manner to people residing in rural also as urban areas and it’s a hassle-free process without any visit to government offices.
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What is eMitra and how to open your eMitra.

What is eMitra, how to successfully register it (registration) and How to get an eMitra License. We are providing their Complete information below.

If you are educated and you are unemployed. So you can do away with your unemployment by opening an eMitra. As experience increases over time and time it can increase your income. In this, you can make a considerable income. The more work you do in it, more money will be available. If you are 10th pass and have knowledge of computer and internet then you can open you eMitra Kiosk.

eMitra Project has been launched by the Government of Rajasthan to provide various services to the citizens at home or near place. Citizens can also open their own eMitra in Rajasthan. The ‘e’ within the eMitra portal stands for electronic. The essential function of its welfare of people by eliminating the complications involved within the basic services provided by the government of Rajasthan. It is termed as a tool which is employed by public agencies or portals that assist in achieving the beneficial government goals. These goals include both economic and social goals that are set by the government of the country. eMitra is usually perceiving as the use of ICT i.e. Information and communication technology but, at the level of government so that the services can reach out to the citizens in an uncomplicated process. The essential responsibilities of eMitra portal is to become a mediator in the form of exchanging information derived from different agencies of government to the people and enterprises of the country in a very efficient, transparent and speedy manner. A lot of tasks can be done under the same roof through the internet, through eMitra. Earlier for various government works, we had to go to different offices, which also caused problems .But now Government services will be provided near the village.

With the help of this web portal you can take birth and death certificates, electricity and water bills, mobile bills, revenue Kodak management, getting the examination fee or marriage certificate. Many such services are available to the citizens of the state. This will now bring the benefit of all the facilities.

There are many companies who help you to open eMitra. These companies are called LSPs (Local Service Provider). LSP are the private companies that Appointed by DoIT, Government of Rajasthan. Roles of LSP is to provide eMitra login and training and Required Stationry to the eMitra Kiosk. This LSP gives you a license and charges a fee. All you have to do is submit all the documents which they ask for along with the Application Form. All local service providers may have different fees.

If you do not know how to work on eMitra portal properly and facing problems then it's LSP's Duty to Guide you and provide proper training regarding SSO Portal and each service given on SSO.

eMitra Registration Fees

The Maximum Fees of Emitra Registration Can Not Be Excessed 5000/- rs Decided By Goverment Of Rajasthan. However Emitra Registration Fees Can Be Reduced By Company or If There are any Offer Running By Company. If You Want To Know about Emitra Registration Fees Please fill the Enquiry form one of our representative will contact you soon.

Who can apply for eMitra Kiosk in Rajasthan | what is the Eligibility and Documents Required to open eMitra in Rajasthan
Anyone who is domocile of Rajasthan State can open eMitra Kiosk.

Eligibility for open new eMitra Kiosk in Rajasthan

  • You should have passed 10th standard.
  • You should have knowledge of computers and internet.
  • You must know how to type in Hindi and English.
  • You should also be able to fill all types of online forms.

Necessary Documents Required for open new eMitra Kiosk in Rajasthan

  • Kiosk address proof:- Lease agreement of shop, or if own then photocopy of electricity bill, registry, Patta etc.
  • Residence Address Proof:- Voter Id, Aadhaar Card, Ration Card, Driving License, Electricity Bill.
  • For identity and Age Proof (Minimum Age Should be 18):- Voter id, Aadhaar card, driving license, Passport, Driving License.
  • 2 stamp papers of 100-100 rupees
  • Net Banking Enabled Bank Account
  • 4 Passport size photograph of applicant.
  • Pan Card Copy
  • Proof of Educational Qualifications (Minimum -10th, Maximum- Graduate, Post Graduate)
  • Police verification certificate.
  • Send These Document to us at emitra.org@gmail.com And Get Your eMitra New Registration Online.

Important things needs to open new eMitra Kiosk in Rajasthan

  • Computer and printer
  • Computer table
  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
  • An internet connection
  • A binding machine will also have to be installed to create the file
  • Lamination machine.

How much money you can earn from eMitra?

It depends on the location of your store and how many eMitra opreators you have. But an eMitra can earn between 25,000 and 60,000 every month. and more in this by filling the form of government Schemes and Services along with Printout, Lamination and Photocopying word. Your income will depend on your work, experience and Location of eMitra Kiosk. You need to take the location at the correct place. So that you can earn a good income in an area where there is no eMitra, by taking such an eMitra you have a lot of benefit. To earn good, you can open eMitra Centre around the village panchayat, tehsil, near the district head office, Colleges, University or a courts, there are more chances to get eMitra customers in such areas.

What is the advantage of eMitra Kiosk and Benefits of eMitra Service in Rajasthan

  • Due to the reduction in brokerage charge that was earlier paid to all or any the intermediaries
  • Providing common people with limited channels for the exchange of data and services.
  • Opportunity to work from home town.
  • All services at one roof.
  • Training & awareness of latest services & technology.
  • Developing entrepreneurship skills.
  • Future proof business model as India going “DIGITAL”.
  • Monitoring of the whole procedure of payment as everything is completed online through eMitra portal.
  • Elimination of intermediaries would reduce administrative corruption to a better extent.
  • The principles, instructions, performance and other important information can reach out to a part of citizens.
  • The storing and retrieval of information has become more efficient, the time taken to process the data and knowledge is much more but the earlier times when manually every task had to be done and each record had to be maintained, the data can be transformed instantly and much more which makes the method more transparent thus, enforcing accountability.

The Rajasthan Government has made sure that advantage of
Information Technology reaches the grassroots level"